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Friday, February 22, 2013

2:53 AM

Those days are gone, now they're memories on the wall
I hear the sounds of the places where I was born

Feeling unfit like mad :/ Been eating so much this CNY period but I'm so glad to have my family and friends around me.. So many gatherings recently I'm out of breath! Haven't gotten a chance to meet up with the sluts though. Although I did meet each of them individually. Miss them so much already :(

Finally received the best piece of news for the month tonight. Okay I had some problems with the UOL portal. I actually paid for my registration all but they reset my account I think? So they couldn't trace a single transaction or whether I did actually register at all. Thank god they checked after I screenshot and sent them the email as proof of my registration.. And so now I can finally register for my exams and make payment. Mind you, all these had to be done in January. I think I've sent 20 over emails to them regarding this issue. And they just ignore me when I kept telling them I have already registered and paid. Phew.. At least it's over for now. I sure hope nothing like this happens again next year.

Anw today was a fruitful day. I actually woke up at 7am religiously to go for a morning jog with Jamine. Applause please? Anyone who knows me would know that I absolutely detest running. Then we did some core exercise and I'm already aching now. How weak is that? :/

After that I rushed home to shower and out again for class.. Then after class met up with Lf, Rachelle and her friend to go study. Productive right?!

After a few hours I headed off to have dinner with SZ people. We were soooo friggin full we totally over ordered can?? Haha Mr Kwa over estimated our stomach capacities. Then we went up to the Kwa's residence to play with the kiddos. Aragorn says the funniest things, "I'm gonna elinimate (sic) you! I'm gonna destroy you!" Watch too much cartoons already lah.

I love busy days like this! Tmr's gonna be another hectic day. Oh well! I need to train!!!!!!! Find me my motivation tyvm!


Friday, February 15, 2013

2:11 AM

Hearts all over the world tonight

Spent my vday in the most cui state I can ever be in. Sick with sore throat + stomach cramps etc. Couldn't enjoy it fully (I'm not saying I didn't), and I think Dom also had quite a hard time cos he had a headache. Not the best day to celebrate huh lol! Oh well but I enjoyed it and I'm really thankful that he's there every step of the way (:


Okay now that vday is over.. Let me give my 2 cents worth about vday and what I cannot stand the most.

For one, I fucking can not stand people who say things like "If you are truly in love, every day can be valentine's day." I mean if you're an advocate of that, good for you lah. But don't go around undermining people's love for each other just because they choose to celebrate valentine's day.

My POV? Vday is a day where you can openly express your love for your partner by showering gifts and letters and whatnot. I mean it's not every day you can randomly write a 1000 word letter and give it to your partner or buy a huge bouquet of roses or a huge bunch of balloons (you know what I'm tryna say) Now I'm not saying you can't but that is just weird. Not unless it's her birthday/ anniversary/ your proposal etc. So tell me, is every day like valentine's day? I think not.

Then again, if your partner really EXPECTS you to shower her with all those materialistic stuff, then she might just be the problem. Gifts should come by as a bonus. The company is what truly matters isn't it? Aww sounds so self-righteous here. But every damn word is true.

One more thing that I really cannot tolerate, is that when people go all wallowing in self pity because they are single and have no one to spend the day with. You're not a loser for being single. You're a loser for choosing to behave like it's the end of the world. Unless you just broke up with your partner then that one no one can help you luh. Enough with the forever alone thing for once.. "You don't have a date on Valentine's day? Well some people don't have a father on fathers' day or a mother on mothers' day so STFU."

Ya so anyway not hating on anyone in particular, just some stuff that I've observed. Anyway no one is gonna read this right lol.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

1:57 AM

When she was just a girl,
She expected the world

Time to make myself a happier person. I wonder how some people are able to achieve the 'zen' state. Like no matter what happens they won't get angry.. I'm getting irritated at almost everything lol. For one, I've had enough of all these money talks uh. Money may solve many problems but it is NOT everything. Some people can forgo everything for money. You can't bring it with you to your grave and you can never earn enough/ save enough of it. We shouldn't let it control us. Money is indeed the root of all evil. We should know where to draw the line. Sometimes we might just be a little greedy and we fail to see that.